Melinda is a Wildlife Photographer whose unquenchable taste for photography started as a result of growing up around cameras. Raised in Northern California, she found great joy visiting her parent's Camera Store. She is undoubtedly a product of the law of attraction which says "Like Attracts Like." Flashing back to her early days in the world of cameras, she was highly fascinated with the design, functions and flash cubes of the Kodak Instamatic Camera. Even without her knowing, all these activities were building up her curiosity in the world of photography. Going into Wildlife Photography was not any a mistake as she confesses to having a high affinity for animals and nature. Combining her love for photography and animals gave her an edge in decision making for her career. Melinda graduated from college with a degree in Graphic Design, moved to Los Angeles with the opportunity to work as a Jr. Graphic Designer for "GUESS? Jeans". From there, she went to the NBA Lakers, and ended shooting for 3 seasons. Realizing she missed working with animals, in 2003 she started a Dog Hiking business that is still going.  However, her thirst for her photography passion pushed her to focus on Wildlife Photography, both land and underwater, and professional sports. She also has great delight in taking individuals to exotic locations and helping them develop excellent photography skills and techniques.


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International Fine Art Photographer Melinda Meijer’s work spans the globe capturing an array of subjects. The realism depicted throughout her collections is undeniably breathtaking from African wildlife, action packed Pro-sports to underwater adventures.




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